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We are currently living through the WORST disruption to global shipping delivery and time. Please be understandable that shipping times are significantly delayed because of Coronavirus impact and issue.  Even though We Ship Now by Using EXPRESS SHIPPING MAIL (EMS) from Indonesia, At the best of times it could take 10 - 35 Working Days or even worst months basis for your order to arrive depending on where you live. Yes, Could be 3 months, that's just how it is.

Please be patience more at this case and We have no control over this whatsoever !!!


If You chose using Regular Registered Post Service (RR) / NORMAL SHIPPING DELIVERY would indicate that delays of 2 - 5 Months or More on top of existing times can be expected. This means that it could take as long as 2 or 5 months or more for your order to arrive. If Lucky, Arrival time will take 1 month but We absolutely have no control over this whatsoever !!!


Highly appreciated, you would like your patches, and trust us, We want you to have them too. We always ship out orders together with other orders within 5 days of receiving them at weekend, so need your kind attention and support patiently, If You received a Notice, It means they (The Package/Order) have been sent out. After that, Unfortunately it's beyond our ability to do anything about it If (Huge) Delayed in Transit Ports, etc or After Departed from Indonesia (Our Port Postal Service!) and We have no insight into where your patch might be, Except by Online Tracking System Monitoring.


Thank you for kind attention and cooperation

Your Support is highly appreciated and Existence !

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April 17th-2021